AgroStimul (50 g/L of dihydroquercetin)

New biological growth stimulator


  • Our company represents the plants growth stimulator with immunomodulating and anti-stress properties on the basis of the widely known bioflavonoid of dihydroquercetin – Agrostimul, WE (50 g/l of dihydroquercetin).

Product properties:

  • Facilitates the increase of energy of seeds germination and intensity of root system development
  • Increase of yielding capacity and quality
  • Retards development of some fungal and bacterial infections
  • Facilitates ripening, biological and technological maturity acceleration
  • Increases resistance of crops to various stresses (lack of moisture, frosts, mechanical damages, treatment with herbicides, etc.)

AgroStimul is the finalist of the Agrow Awards, one of the crop protection industry’s most prestigious awards, recognizing agricultural industry achievements in technology and innovation within crop protection and production.

«Best Formulation Innovation»


«Best New Biological Product (Biostimulant)»


New biological growth stimulator

Description of Flavonoids: The purpose of the innovative development was the creation of a new biological product based on natural flavonoids such as dihydroquercetin.

Flavonoids, isolated from waste from processing of plant raw materials, for example, birch bark, butt-log portion of Siberian larch, grape seeds etc., are known for their high biological activity, which manifests itself as a regulator of the transport of auxins - plant hormones controlling the growth and development of plants. Bioflavonoids are also famous for their antibacterial and antifungal properties that promote the protection of plants from pathogens of various infectious diseases, as well as the property to protect plants from stressful environmental influences resulting in the formation of free radicals that disrupt life processes in cells.

New biological growth stimulator

Trials: The working solution of the AgroStimul phospholipid nanoemulsion is applied at a dose of 0.06 L/ha by continuous ground spraying of vegetating plants of spring barley of the Moskovsky 2 variety in the shooting and flag leaf emergence phases. The equipment used is an Agrotop backpack pneumatic sprayer with a two-meter bar. Working fluid consumption: 300 l/ha.

The comparative assessment of biological effectiveness of AgroStimul conducted in Ryazan Region showed high efficiency of the product. The monitoring carried out 30 days after spraying the crops of spring barley in the flag leaf emergence phase showed a significant advance in growth compared to the control. The analysis of elements of the crop structure showed that the formation of the yield of spring barley was mainly influenced by such an element of the structure as the mass of 1000 grains.

In all options with the application of AgroStimul the mass of 1000 grains increased by 20% compared to the control. Spraying the crops in the shooting phase at a dosage of 0.08 L/ha promoted an increase in the yield of spring barley by 20.3% and in the flag leaf emergence phase – by 21.2% compared to the yield on the untreated control (the yield of the control was 30.6 centner/ha). 

Thus, the biologically active synergistic composition of the AgroStimul phospholipid nanoemulsion has high economic efficiency in cereal crops, significantly increasing their yield and expanding the temperature range of application.

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